Boost the Value of your Home with Glass Improvements

Improvements, whether big or small, add value to any home, thus increase its resale value. Aside from the size of rooms and their condition, appraisers look into improvements made such as fixtures and fittings and installations. That means adding appealing pieces using quality materials can improve a home’s resale value.

According to experts, installation of fixtures can add value to a home up to 5%. There’s no doubt glass materials can bring your home’s resale value up, so here are ways that you can incorporate glass fixtures into your modern home to improve its value. If your house is in Queensland, you can choose from a wide range of premium quality glass products by Crystal Glassbuild to ensure great service and value.


Whether for staircase or for balconies, glass balustrades are available in a number of styles and are a great addition to your staircase, whether frameless or semi frameless. These are modern and elegant looking designs. Frameless balustrades use either spigots, facia mounted standoff adapters or wall brackets. The semi frameless style has posts of superior quality aluminium-alloy; handrails can be rectangular or elliptical and don’t require welding.

Bathroom Shower Screens

Get rid of messy shower curtains and invest in frameless shower screens that look ultra modern and elegant. The frameless style uses 10mm toughened glass and is easy to clean and maintain.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Talk about glass allure in the kitchen. Nothing can be more appealing than having a toughened glass splashback, a durable and classy kitchen piece that can withstand not only heat but also dirt and grime. A glass splashback can fit any kitchen style as they are available in custom colours.

Pool Fencing

If you want to achieve both functionality and style, the modern & elegant pool fencing by Crystal Glassbuild is definitely a smart option. Featuring frameless and semi frameless designs, it provides the needed protection for your little ones. It’s made of literally safety glass (10mm to 12 mm) with the added benefit of style and elegance.

Architectural Glass

Have enough space to create an impressive feature using curved glass? This can extremely add value to your home. Crystal Glassbuild can manufacture pre-made modules to match the shape required. You can use curved glass in a variety of applications, so find that spot in your home where you can exactly showcase this great fixture to wow not only the appraiser but also the property buyer.


6 Popular Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

The swimming pool is a prominent feature of any home that deserves a good fence, both for safety and aesthetics. For those planning to transform their backyardpool area into astylish and safe place for fun and relaxation, why not give it a more exclusive feel with glass fencing that will make it look stunning even with minimal landscaping?

Glass pool fencing comes either frameless or semi frameless. Depending on your taste and preference, both offer the same beauty and durability. For frameless glass pool fencing, 12mm (or 10mm minimum) is used.Frameless glass can also be installed into aluminium channels where there’s no need for spigots to be installed.

As with semi frameless, you can opt for 10mm.The glass panels are installed into a concrete or timbre frame structure using aluminium posts with the following sizes: 40 mm square, 50 mm square, 50mm round and 70 mm round. The advantage of choosing semi frameless over frameless is the former’s ability to match the style and colour of your home as the aluminium posts come in various designs and powder coated finishes.

Generally, these are the benefits you will get from using or installing glass pool fencing for your indoor or outdoor pool.

  1. Glass pool fencing is made of toughened glass. It rarely breaks.It holds up against the worst weather better than wood; unlike metal, it is resistant to chemical corrosion, so it can withstand salt water.
  1. Glass fencing is completely safe. This safety glass is specially designed to withstand high temperature and bad weather and if ever it breaks (under extreme conditions), it does not produce sharp shards.
  1. It does not give opportunity for “smart” children (and pets, too!) to climb unlike its metal counterparts that have footholds.
  1. It gives you a better view of the surroundings. View is unobstructed, so you get to see activities of your little ones even from afar.
  1. It is easy to maintain. With just warm (not hot) water and dishwashing liquid followed by a hose down, you’re good to go.
  1. It looks sleek and elegant.

Instead of the usual metal or wood fencing, you can buy designer pool fencing from Crystal Glassbuild in frameless or semi frameless design depending on your taste and preference. Glass fencing not only looks stunning and elegant but also features durability and easy maintenance attributes. Customers only get quality pool fencing at Crystal Glassbuild at reasonable costs.

Get the Facts Straight: Safe Glass Pool Fencing

When it comes to pool fencing in Australia, glass pool fencing is considered the ultimate in style and elegance. But what about the safety side of it? Is it really a safer option to the usual metal pool fencing?

The good news is it is a safer option with beauty and aesthetics as bonus.

Not Your Regular Glass

Today’s glass pool fencing meets all of the relevant Australian Standards for pool fencing. Glass pool fencing uses toughened glass, a specially processed glass with stronger thermal and physical properties than regular glass. Also called the “safety glass”, it is highly resistant to pressure and heat. If ever it breaks (which rarely happens), it crumbles into small non-sharp shards, which are likely not to cause wounds or injuries.

Safer for Kids

A glass pool fence doesnot only look beautiful and classy but also provide protection and safety for kids. It does not have a foothold, so it’s impossible for children to climb it. What’s more, it gives you a clear, unobstructed view of what’s happening in and around it, eliminating the risks of untoward incidents and injuries.

Safety Requirements

Whether you’re looking for stunning pool fencing in Gold Coast or in any part of Australia, ensure pool safety compliance first before installing your fence of choice.

Generally, the basic requirements are:1200mm or 1.2 metres height; 900mm clearance from the top (that means no climbable structure or object near it) and 300mm clear zone on the inside of the pool fence; maximum 100mm gap below the pool fence; no connected doors or windows to the house; and self closing and self latching doors.

The requirements vary from state to state, so check beforehand with your local council for the exact requirements.

Safe Frameless /Semi Frameless Options

Glass pool fencing is definitely costlier than metal fences but is an excellent investment when it comes to beauty and safety. There are two types of glass pool fencing to choose from, both of which offer the same pool safety attributes.

For frameless glass pool fencing, use 12mm (or 10mm minimum). The reason is pretty obvious. Frameless glass fences tend to move 10-20mm with strong winds, so anything less than 10mm will not be able to withstand the “shaking”, and thus can crack. As with semi frameless, you can opt for 10mm glass because it is supported by aluminium or steel frames.

On the Gold Coast, you can choose from a range of glass applications and designs at Crystal Glassbuild. From frameless and semi frameless glass pool fencing to modern & stylish staircase balustrades, the company offers different styles and a wide range of hardware to match countless applications.

Choosing the Right Shower Screen

The popularity of glass screens for various applications are on the rise. More and more people are discovering the benefits of safety glass, whether used as a pool fence, a shower screen, a balustrade or a splashback.

The most commonly used application for safety glass is the shower screen. Glass screens are now in demand over messy shower curtains, especially among property owners who are upgrading old bathrooms or building a new one. Today, you can buy contemporary shower screens from almost any glass shop, complete with installation and after sales services.

Before deciding on ordering a shower screen for your bathroom, consider the following types and choose what will work best for you:

The Fully Framed

This is one of the most popular types of glass shower screens. It is a sturdy design that comes in two options – a pivoting door or a door with sliding panels. Every panel has an anodised aluminium frame which adds stability to the panels. Frames come in a variety of colours and widths. Since this is supported by frames, 6mm toughened glass can be used.

The Frameless

As the name suggests, this type of shower screen features no framing and rubber seals, which means that it is easy to clean and maintain (with frames and rubber seals, there are more chances of dirt, soap residues or mildew building up if you don’t do regular cleaning). This type is the most expensive of all screen types because it uses thicker glass panels (10mm toughened glass) for greater stability and takes longer to install. It is ideal for those wanting a totally minimalist, ultra modern look for their bathrooms.

The Semi Frameless

If you want to achieve the best of both styles, the semi frameless is a good option.You get a clean and chic look and the stability factor. The frames are a bit smaller than the ones used in fully framed screens, so cleaning and maintenance is a bit easier than for the full framed design.

Big or small bathrooms look stunning with shower screens. Depending on your budget and taste, you can enjoy quality glass installations from reputable custom glass screen suppliers.

A variety of glass products in Gold Coast are available at Crystal Glassbuild. The company is known for superior glass works and specialises in frameless glass screens. Crystal Glassbuild also offers other glass products such as frameless pool fencing, semi-frameless pool fencing, balustrades, splashbacks, curved glass panels, as well as a vast range of round and square spigots for fully frameless pool fencing and balustrade applications.

Smart Pool Safety Tips for Children

When it comes to pool fencing, there’s only one place you should go to: Crystal Glassbuild – A Trusted Pool Fencing Provider in Gold Coast. They know all the rules about pool fencing. So, with them, you don’t have to worry. Aside from having stylish and stunning pool fences, you’re assured that your pool fence meets all the requirements stipulated by law.

If you buy quality glass balustrades from Crystal Glassbuild, you’ll never go wrong. They’ll make your pool safer and at the same time give your home’s beauty an added “oomph”!

However, as much as pool fencing is useful in keeping kids out of the pool, the safety they provide pretty much ends when you unlatch the pool gate and willingly let the kids splash, slosh, and wade in the water.

Now the question is, how do you keep your children safe when they’re in the pool having fun and swimming?

Here are a handful of smart pool safety tips for kids:

Teach Them How to Swim
Swimming is a survival skill. If you want to reduce the chances of drowning, one of the most obvious things to do is make sure your kids know how to stay afloat and “navigate” in the water. Just in case they fall into the deep end of the pool, they’ll be able to handle themselves. Although knowing how to swim doesn’t totally eliminate the risk of the drowning, it will significantly decrease it.

Keep Safety Equipment at Hand
Always keep a floating ring and a shepherd’s crook nearby. When you’re supervising the children, place these pool safety tools in an accessible area. If a drowning incident occurs, you can readily grab one and use it to rescue a child.

Watch Without Distraction
If you’re the adult-in-charge, do your best to keep your eyes on the children at all times. Keep your phone with you just in case an accident happens and you have to call for medical help. But that’s it! Don’t pour your attention into texting, calling, social media activity, or Internet surfing.

Be Firm and Strict with the Rules
Before you even let them dip their toes into the water, set the rules. No running along the sides. No head dunking. No fighting in the water. Be firm and let them know that you mean business. But of course, kids will be kids. So, watch them carefully and call them out the moment they break or try to bend the rules immediately.

Be Wise, Choose Glass Pool Fencing

Pool fencing is a necessary safety precaution. If you have a pool, you got to have it, too. The best thing you can do is to make sure it complements the look and feel of your home.

Pool fences come in many types and styles. There’s wood, aluminium, iron, and glass. And out of all these types of fences, glass gets the most attention. For instance, the stylish glass pool fencing at Crystal Glassbuild.

Glass pool fencing easily blends into any design or architecture of a home. Home owners as well as interior designers love the “it’s there but barely” vibe glass pool fences have. And because it’s clear and transparent, it doesn’t block the view of the pool or the activity in the pool.

In addition, cleaning and maintaining glass pool fencing is easy. First, it’s rust-resistant — obviously! Next, it would definitely stay termite-free forever. Aren’t these two qualities great?

But do you know the other quality that makes glass pool fencing so popular? It’s the ease of cleaning. In fact there’s no need for fancy cleaners and products to keep it as sparkly and shiny like it was on the day it was installed.

To prove it, here’s how:
To clean glass pool fencing, all you need is warm water, a microfibre cloth, and soap – cheap, regular, nothing-fancy soap! Even plain old dishwashing liquid will do. Mix soap and water into a bubbly solution and you got yourself an effective glass cleaner. It’s good enough to wash away the dirt and water stains on your glass panels.

Next, give your arm and back muscles a good stretch and start cleaning. Wet the panels with the warm soapy mixture and use your sponge or microfibre cloth to wipe them clean.

After that, rinse your glass fence well and dry it with a squeegee or soft absorbent cloths. Pay special attention to the metal frames if your glass pool fence has them.

Do this every three months and your glass pool fencing will stay clean and clear.

In addition, avoid using commercial glass cleaners. They may leave behind residue that will dull the surface of the glass or corrode the metal frames over time.

You can also use this method to clean stunning glass splashbacks by CrystalGlassbuild.

Cleaning glass pool fencing is a breeze. Truth be told, it’s pretty much the wisest choice. It will make your home look better and at the same time, go easy on you when it comes to maintenance. So, if you’re having pool fencing installed or considering replacing the one you have now, choose glass.

Solution Meets Style

Having a pool party at home is so much fun during the long hot days of the summer months. They provide families and friends with days of precious laughter and camaraderie, as well as relief when the high temperatures become unbearable. Owning a pool is, however, so much more than just building it and holding fun parties. Safety in the water, and around it, is a top priority for enjoying the sun and the pleasures of summer pool parties. Pool fun is much more guaranteed for partygoers and hosts alike when secure fencing are installed.

Pool accidents are always a concern for pool owners. Cases of accidental falling into the water are more common than people think. It happens to kids, teens, the elderly and even pets. In fact, it can happen to anyone of any age, if care and precautions are not taken. Serious consequences, even death, can result from carelessness or neglect around pools.

It is, therefore, necessary to comply with the safety requirements set by legislation if maintaining a pool is to be worry-free. When choosing and deciding on installing pool fencing, security should be the utmost concern when setting up the required fencing.Budget and style considerations should also figure into the equation to the more selectiveand stylish pool owners.

The right glass fencing products can answer all pool safety, security andstyle issues, plus budget concerns. Full- and semi-frameless glass fencing provides a clear view of the pool area and into the pool itself from any angle. Visibility of whoand what comes in and out of the swimming area is not restricted nor hampered, even at a distance. Style is not compromised but rather enhanced by stable stainless steel hardware that anchor thick and strong toughened glass panels, which keep out unwanted intruders from climbing, crawling, or squeezing through.Options forsturdy and controlled glass gates of all sizes can be depended on to fasten, closeand lock out unauthorised entry without breaking or loud slamming. This investment is worth its market-leading prices when all benefits are considered, even to the budget-conscious.

When looking for the best frameless glass pool fencing solution, choose the stylish pool fencing products that are available in your area. It would be of interest to owners of pools in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Northern NSW areas that Crystal Glassbuildhas countless pleased clientsand happy campers with their impressive product range, innovative pool designs and solutions, guaranteed high quality craftsmanship, and personalised service in the glass and pool industry.

Beauty and Grace in Glass

Beauty is always something that people can appreciate. When beauty and grace come together, it is truly an art. In sparkling glass, both can be found, and it is up to the designers to create art from it. This is why architectural glass and curved glass are in so much demand in the market right now.

For years, architectural glass has been used in building exteriors because of its quality safety features and abilityto withstand weather and force. Its beauty potential exists in its versatility, as it can be a very impressive when used indoors, too. Designers and glass specialists have the easiest way of creating glass applications for homes and offices, which in turn, increases commercial value as elegance is featured into glass partitions, countertops, windows, and balustrades.

Installing glass panels and glass staircase balustrades in offices retains the professional and businesslike ambiance, yet opens up spaces to cool, uncluttered and relaxed corporate setting. Many glass balustrade designs can accommodate function and still encourage sophistication and smartness in offices and office buildings.

For those who seek to inspire beauty and infuse grace into their homes, top quality glass balustrades are so much more than just a way to corral or fence in terraces or staircases. Those who have a visionand flair for artistic expression can appreciate the exquisiteness that curved glass can offer their waterfront homes or acreage properties. Creative shapes and patterns turn out twists, arcs and curvatures in glass panels that are smooth, sleek and keep the flow in the home effortlessly graceful.

Indoor and outdoor glass applications can make use of a number of styles that include extensive hardware selections that can further add to the classiness of the home. Custom-made curved glass installations provide sleek and modern solutions to so many practical home projects in kitchens, bathrooms, pools and other house areas. Be it spectacular and attention-grabbing glass splashbacks, pure and simple minimalist shower screens, orperfectly-designed innovative glass pool fences, these are just somedemonstrations of beauty and grace in architectural glass.

For expert advice, workmanship and customer service in glass products, glass works and frameless pool fencing in Gold Coast, Crystal Glassbuildcan be relied on to satisfy and exceed expectations. The glass specialist that upholds Australian standards andprovides solutions, CystalGlassbuild more than assists customers by catering to their tastes and wants. It aids in the flourishing of beauty and grace, through glass and works of art, in homes, offices, and all around.