Required by legislation since 2006 for all properties with pools, pool fences are barriers that restrict pool access and helpprevent accidental drowning. When thinking about putting up a pool fence, factors likepurpose, costs, location, styleand quality must be considered.

  1. Purpose

Pool owners must place suitable dividing fences that comply with legislation requirements and Australian Standards (AS 1926:2007). Depending on the quality and design of fences, fencing also addsprivacy and value to the property.

  1. Costs

It is to be expected that inspection, materials and installation will cost you. Choosing the right pool specialists, comparing bids and doing your project during low season are a few ways to stay on budget. Bear in mind that these costs are nothing compared to accidents that could be prevented and lives saved.

  1. Location

Whether indoor or outdoor, your pool area must be totally enclosed by fencing or other type of barrier. Location and other pertinent details must be disclosed before a building permit can be issued. Also, your fence location is determined by the approval date of your building license. It is important that no trees or structures can be used to climb or provide foothold or access into the pool area.

  1. Style

When picking a fencing style, durability, colour, design, suitability and quality of materials should also figure into the equation. Aluminium, steel, wire or glass fencing offers various advantages and benefits. Visibility from the outside should also be a priority in choosing a fence style, allowing parents an unobstructed view of the pool area.

  1. Quality

Quality that provides safety and security, above all else, should never be compromised by other factors and considerations. Strong weather-proof fencing should be high enough (minimum of 1.2m height) so that children cannot climb over them. Vertical bars and gapsunder the fence must be 100mm apart or less to prevent toddlers from squeezingor crawling through spaces. Gates should open away from the pool with a self-closing and self-latching device.

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