If you haven’t yet switched, now is the time to do it. Turn to glass as the best, smartest and complete solution to your pool safety issues. Here are five reasons why you should choose to install high quality glass pool fencing products like glass splashbacks and panelsaround your family pool in Australia.


Glass fencing delineates and secures premises around the pool from unwanted or unauthorised entry. Glass panels and balustrades that comply with safety standards limit access and ensure that straying pets, curious children, playful teens,careless adults, and distracted elderly do not accidentally fall into the water.Clear glass also provides for easier adult supervision with its wide open and unhindered view of the pool.The smooth glass surfacesmake climbing over the barriers difficult for little ones, boosting pool safety precautions for their protection.


Nowadays, high-end glass is made to be strong, durable and long-lasting to sustain impact and withstand extreme weather conditions. Made from toughened glass material, premium quality glass panels that are permanently fixed at bases do not crack, break, or topple easily. Edges are polished to guard against accidental cutting or wounding of users. Safetyand usage are guaranteed for years to come.


Glass is so versatile that it allows for infinite designs and options that greatly enhance the safety levels andaesthetic appearance of your pool. Glass panels can come in different sizes and thickness, frameless or semi-framed, with elegant hardware that complements function. Colourful splashbacks also up the safety ante of your pool, and creates drama with sophisticated metallics and styles.


Superior pool glass fencing delivers convenience with practicality when it comes tomaintenance. Able to withstand elements, a simple hosing down washes off dirt, dust, and even saltwater, requiring less effort in cleaning and causing minimal mess all around.


With glass fencing becoming increasingly popular and preferred, it has also become more affordable. Asan investment, it is a cost-effective choice, raising property market values while protecting precious lives.

When looking for excellence in service and Australian Standards quality in glass works, find a premier pool specialist that provides a complete pool fencing solution in Gold Coast with flair. Crystal Glassbuild will satisfy and exceed your expectations as anoutstanding supplier of superior frameless glass pool fencing, excellent quality splashbacks, ultramodern shower screens, impressive architectural and curved glass, and stylish glass balustrades in Gold Coast atcompetitive market prices.