Contemporary times have called for many home improvements and moderninstallations. The use of splashbacks in homes has become one of the latest trends in today’s residences.Though splashbacks are available in LED, aluminium, and acrylic, splashbacks made of glass offer theseattractive and exciting benefits for your home.

Design Options. Imagineit, and it will be. Extremely customisable, glass splashbacks come in infinite colours,designs, finishes and measurements. By itself, a glass splashback is elegant, stylish, and sleek looking. Inject creativity into the design and match them with your home theme and décor for a more stunning look. Work with a variety of finishes to add sophistication and flair. Choose your favourite colour to add warmth or a more personal feel. Glass splashbacks can be measured, and cut to size before installation, assuring a perfect fit in everykitchen, home or office.

Easy Maintenance.For homemakers, the easy clean-up brought by glass splashbacks is perhaps the most appealing advantage. Most busy households can certainly appreciate the minutes saved by effortless cleaning with just a quick spray and a few wipes.

Durability.Hard-wearing and long-lasting, the installation of glass splashbacks usually comes with warranties. The materials used reflect quality that is backed by years of guarantee. Four to five times stronger than ordinary glass, glass splashbacks undergo a toughening process that makes it resistant to fire and heat. Strong and tough, surfaces are also scratch-resistant and not prone to fading or discolouration.

Hygienic.Dust, moulds, oils, food and other tiny particles can easily fall into cracks and get stuck in corners.Compared to tiles, splashbacks made of glass are more sanitary because grout lines are eliminated. The seamless and smooth finish of glass splashbacks makes for easy kitchen clean-up and counters are kept germ-free.

UnlimitedApplications.Kitchens, bars, and restaurants typically use glass splashbacks because of its highly appealing benefits. Glass splashbacks are also the perfect choice for wet areas like in bathrooms, laundry, showers, and pools. Creative new applications also include its use in elevators, furniture, table tops and benches, cabinet doors and many others. As walls in offices, it can also double as whiteboards.

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