Kids love the water. Even as their fingers have crinkled and their lips have started quivering non-stop, it’s still difficult to pull them out of the pool. That’s why, it’s very important for parents to find ways to keep them away from the pool when no adult is around to supervise.
Aside from installing semi-frameless pool fencing by Crystal Glassbuild, here are other pool safety measures parents should implement to protect their children and put their own minds at ease:

Lock Installation

It sounds like a no-brainer, right? But do you know what kind you should install? To prevent children from gaining unsupervised access, install a lock that can only be opened from the inside, a lock that only full-grown adults can reach in and unlatch. In addition, make sure that door or gate swings away from the pool, not towards it. That way, even if kids push the panels from the outside, they won’t be able to get through.

Door Alarms or Water Surface Alarms

For an added layer of protection, add door or water surface alarms. Even if you’re not near the pool area, you’ll be alerted if your little tyke is trying to get to the pool without your permission.

Compliant Drain Covers

A lot of people take this for granted. It’s just drain covers after all, right? If you want to ensure your children’s safety, don’t. Always install compliant drain covers, especially when you’re replacing the old ones. Swimwear or clothing can easily get caught in badly-fitting drain covers. So use the recommended ones all the time.

Rescue Hook

Buy a sturdy pool rescue hook and prop it in a visible spot. If you’re the supervising adult when the kids are swimming, place the hook near you. Just in case something happens, you’ll be able to grab the hook immediately and use it to help a child who is struggling in the water.

Cordless Phone

“I already have a cellphone. What do I need a cordless phone for?” Cellphones are too much of a distraction. When watching kids swim, your full, undivided attention is necessary. Your eyes should be on the kids and the water at all times. You can’t afford to get distracted by emails, texting, or phone calls. And just like the rescue hook, put the phone at arm’s reach. If an accident happens, you can seek emergency medical help right away.

Prioritise pool fencing and implement the rest of these safety measures. Work with a glass pool fencing specialist. Also, you can get stylish glass splashbacks at Crystal Glassbuild for your home.