Pool fencing is a necessary safety precaution. If you have a pool, you got to have it, too. The best thing you can do is to make sure it complements the look and feel of your home.

Pool fences come in many types and styles. There’s wood, aluminium, iron, and glass. And out of all these types of fences, glass gets the most attention. For instance, the stylish glass pool fencing at Crystal Glassbuild.

Glass pool fencing easily blends into any design or architecture of a home. Home owners as well as interior designers love the “it’s there but barely” vibe glass pool fences have. And because it’s clear and transparent, it doesn’t block the view of the pool or the activity in the pool.

In addition, cleaning and maintaining glass pool fencing is easy. First, it’s rust-resistant — obviously! Next, it would definitely stay termite-free forever. Aren’t these two qualities great?

But do you know the other quality that makes glass pool fencing so popular? It’s the ease of cleaning. In fact there’s no need for fancy cleaners and products to keep it as sparkly and shiny like it was on the day it was installed.

To prove it, here’s how:
To clean glass pool fencing, all you need is warm water, a microfibre cloth, and soap – cheap, regular, nothing-fancy soap! Even plain old dishwashing liquid will do. Mix soap and water into a bubbly solution and you got yourself an effective glass cleaner. It’s good enough to wash away the dirt and water stains on your glass panels.

Next, give your arm and back muscles a good stretch and start cleaning. Wet the panels with the warm soapy mixture and use your sponge or microfibre cloth to wipe them clean.

After that, rinse your glass fence well and dry it with a squeegee or soft absorbent cloths. Pay special attention to the metal frames if your glass pool fence has them.

Do this every three months and your glass pool fencing will stay clean and clear.

In addition, avoid using commercial glass cleaners. They may leave behind residue that will dull the surface of the glass or corrode the metal frames over time.

You can also use this method to clean stunning glass splashbacks by CrystalGlassbuild.

Cleaning glass pool fencing is a breeze. Truth be told, it’s pretty much the wisest choice. It will make your home look better and at the same time, go easy on you when it comes to maintenance. So, if you’re having pool fencing installed or considering replacing the one you have now, choose glass.