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However, as much as pool fencing is useful in keeping kids out of the pool, the safety they provide pretty much ends when you unlatch the pool gate and willingly let the kids splash, slosh, and wade in the water.

Now the question is, how do you keep your children safe when they’re in the pool having fun and swimming?

Here are a handful of smart pool safety tips for kids:

Teach Them How to Swim
Swimming is a survival skill. If you want to reduce the chances of drowning, one of the most obvious things to do is make sure your kids know how to stay afloat and “navigate” in the water. Just in case they fall into the deep end of the pool, they’ll be able to handle themselves. Although knowing how to swim doesn’t totally eliminate the risk of the drowning, it will significantly decrease it.

Keep Safety Equipment at Hand
Always keep a floating ring and a shepherd’s crook nearby. When you’re supervising the children, place these pool safety tools in an accessible area. If a drowning incident occurs, you can readily grab one and use it to rescue a child.

Watch Without Distraction
If you’re the adult-in-charge, do your best to keep your eyes on the children at all times. Keep your phone with you just in case an accident happens and you have to call for medical help. But that’s it! Don’t pour your attention into texting, calling, social media activity, or Internet surfing.

Be Firm and Strict with the Rules
Before you even let them dip their toes into the water, set the rules. No running along the sides. No head dunking. No fighting in the water. Be firm and let them know that you mean business. But of course, kids will be kids. So, watch them carefully and call them out the moment they break or try to bend the rules immediately.