The popularity of glass screens for various applications are on the rise. More and more people are discovering the benefits of safety glass, whether used as a pool fence, a shower screen, a balustrade or a splashback.

The most commonly used application for safety glass is the shower screen. Glass screens are now in demand over messy shower curtains, especially among property owners who are upgrading old bathrooms or building a new one. Today, you can buy contemporary shower screens from almost any glass shop, complete with installation and after sales services.

Before deciding on ordering a shower screen for your bathroom, consider the following types and choose what will work best for you:

The Fully Framed

This is one of the most popular types of glass shower screens. It is a sturdy design that comes in two options – a pivoting door or a door with sliding panels. Every panel has an anodised aluminium frame which adds stability to the panels. Frames come in a variety of colours and widths. Since this is supported by frames, 6mm toughened glass can be used.

The Frameless

As the name suggests, this type of shower screen features no framing and rubber seals, which means that it is easy to clean and maintain (with frames and rubber seals, there are more chances of dirt, soap residues or mildew building up if you don’t do regular cleaning). This type is the most expensive of all screen types because it uses thicker glass panels (10mm toughened glass) for greater stability and takes longer to install. It is ideal for those wanting a totally minimalist, ultra modern look for their bathrooms.

The Semi Frameless

If you want to achieve the best of both styles, the semi frameless is a good option.You get a clean and chic look and the stability factor. The frames are a bit smaller than the ones used in fully framed screens, so cleaning and maintenance is a bit easier than for the full framed design.

Big or small bathrooms look stunning with shower screens. Depending on your budget and taste, you can enjoy quality glass installations from reputable custom glass screen suppliers.

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