When it comes to pool fencing in Australia, glass pool fencing is considered the ultimate in style and elegance. But what about the safety side of it? Is it really a safer option to the usual metal pool fencing?

The good news is it is a safer option with beauty and aesthetics as bonus.

Not Your Regular Glass

Today’s glass pool fencing meets all of the relevant Australian Standards for pool fencing. Glass pool fencing uses toughened glass, a specially processed glass with stronger thermal and physical properties than regular glass. Also called the “safety glass”, it is highly resistant to pressure and heat. If ever it breaks (which rarely happens), it crumbles into small non-sharp shards, which are likely not to cause wounds or injuries.

Safer for Kids

A glass pool fence doesnot only look beautiful and classy but also provide protection and safety for kids. It does not have a foothold, so it’s impossible for children to climb it. What’s more, it gives you a clear, unobstructed view of what’s happening in and around it, eliminating the risks of untoward incidents and injuries.

Safety Requirements

Whether you’re looking for stunning pool fencing in Gold Coast or in any part of Australia, ensure pool safety compliance first before installing your fence of choice.

Generally, the basic requirements are:1200mm or 1.2 metres height; 900mm clearance from the top (that means no climbable structure or object near it) and 300mm clear zone on the inside of the pool fence; maximum 100mm gap below the pool fence; no connected doors or windows to the house; and self closing and self latching doors.

The requirements vary from state to state, so check beforehand with your local council for the exact requirements.

Safe Frameless /Semi Frameless Options

Glass pool fencing is definitely costlier than metal fences but is an excellent investment when it comes to beauty and safety. There are two types of glass pool fencing to choose from, both of which offer the same pool safety attributes.

For frameless glass pool fencing, use 12mm (or 10mm minimum). The reason is pretty obvious. Frameless glass fences tend to move 10-20mm with strong winds, so anything less than 10mm will not be able to withstand the “shaking”, and thus can crack. As with semi frameless, you can opt for 10mm glass because it is supported by aluminium or steel frames.

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