The swimming pool is a prominent feature of any home that deserves a good fence, both for safety and aesthetics. For those planning to transform their backyardpool area into astylish and safe place for fun and relaxation, why not give it a more exclusive feel with glass fencing that will make it look stunning even with minimal landscaping?

Glass pool fencing comes either frameless or semi frameless. Depending on your taste and preference, both offer the same beauty and durability. For frameless glass pool fencing, 12mm (or 10mm minimum) is used.Frameless glass can also be installed into aluminium channels where there’s no need for spigots to be installed.

As with semi frameless, you can opt for 10mm.The glass panels are installed into a concrete or timbre frame structure using aluminium posts with the following sizes: 40 mm square, 50 mm square, 50mm round and 70 mm round. The advantage of choosing semi frameless over frameless is the former’s ability to match the style and colour of your home as the aluminium posts come in various designs and powder coated finishes.

Generally, these are the benefits you will get from using or installing glass pool fencing for your indoor or outdoor pool.

  1. Glass pool fencing is made of toughened glass. It rarely breaks.It holds up against the worst weather better than wood; unlike metal, it is resistant to chemical corrosion, so it can withstand salt water.
  1. Glass fencing is completely safe. This safety glass is specially designed to withstand high temperature and bad weather and if ever it breaks (under extreme conditions), it does not produce sharp shards.
  1. It does not give opportunity for “smart” children (and pets, too!) to climb unlike its metal counterparts that have footholds.
  1. It gives you a better view of the surroundings. View is unobstructed, so you get to see activities of your little ones even from afar.
  1. It is easy to maintain. With just warm (not hot) water and dishwashing liquid followed by a hose down, you’re good to go.
  1. It looks sleek and elegant.

Instead of the usual metal or wood fencing, you can buy designer pool fencing from Crystal Glassbuild in frameless or semi frameless design depending on your taste and preference. Glass fencing not only looks stunning and elegant but also features durability and easy maintenance attributes. Customers only get quality pool fencing at Crystal Glassbuild at reasonable costs.