Improvements, whether big or small, add value to any home, thus increase its resale value. Aside from the size of rooms and their condition, appraisers look into improvements made such as fixtures and fittings and installations. That means adding appealing pieces using quality materials can improve a home’s resale value.

According to experts, installation of fixtures can add value to a home up to 5%. There’s no doubt glass materials can bring your home’s resale value up, so here are ways that you can incorporate glass fixtures into your modern home to improve its value. If your house is in Queensland, you can choose from a wide range of premium quality glass products by Crystal Glassbuild to ensure great service and value.


Whether for staircase or for balconies, glass balustrades are available in a number of styles and are a great addition to your staircase, whether frameless or semi frameless. These are modern and elegant looking designs. Frameless balustrades use either spigots, facia mounted standoff adapters or wall brackets. The semi frameless style has posts of superior quality aluminium-alloy; handrails can be rectangular or elliptical and don’t require welding.

Bathroom Shower Screens

Get rid of messy shower curtains and invest in frameless shower screens that look ultra modern and elegant. The frameless style uses 10mm toughened glass and is easy to clean and maintain.

Kitchen Splashbacks

Talk about glass allure in the kitchen. Nothing can be more appealing than having a toughened glass splashback, a durable and classy kitchen piece that can withstand not only heat but also dirt and grime. A glass splashback can fit any kitchen style as they are available in custom colours.

Pool Fencing

If you want to achieve both functionality and style, the modern & elegant pool fencing by Crystal Glassbuild is definitely a smart option. Featuring frameless and semi frameless designs, it provides the needed protection for your little ones. It’s made of literally safety glass (10mm to 12 mm) with the added benefit of style and elegance.

Architectural Glass

Have enough space to create an impressive feature using curved glass? This can extremely add value to your home. Crystal Glassbuild can manufacture pre-made modules to match the shape required. You can use curved glass in a variety of applications, so find that spot in your home where you can exactly showcase this great fixture to wow not only the appraiser but also the property buyer.