The Importance of Balanced Pool Water

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Residential Pool Safety Measures for Children

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Residential Pool Safety Measures for Children

Kids love the water. Even as their fingers have crinkled and their lips have started quivering non-stop, it’s still difficult to pull them out of the pool. That’s why, it’s very important for parents to find ways to keep them away from the pool when no adult is around to supervise.
Aside from installing semi-frameless pool fencing by Crystal Glassbuild, here are other pool safety measures parents should implement to protect their children and put their own minds at ease:

Lock Installation

It sounds like a no-brainer, right? But do you know what kind you should install? To prevent children from gaining unsupervised access, install a lock that can only be opened from the inside, a lock that only full-grown adults can reach in and unlatch. In addition, make sure that door or gate swings away from the pool, not towards it. That way, even if kids push the panels from the outside, they won’t be able to get through.

Door Alarms or Water Surface Alarms

For an added layer of protection, add door or water surface alarms. Even if you’re not near the pool area, you’ll be alerted if your little tyke is trying to get to the pool without your permission.

Compliant Drain Covers

A lot of people take this for granted. It’s just drain covers after all, right? If you want to ensure your children’s safety, don’t. Always install compliant drain covers, especially when you’re replacing the old ones. Swimwear or clothing can easily get caught in badly-fitting drain covers. So use the recommended ones all the time.

Rescue Hook

Buy a sturdy pool rescue hook and prop it in a visible spot. If you’re the supervising adult when the kids are swimming, place the hook near you. Just in case something happens, you’ll be able to grab the hook immediately and use it to help a child who is struggling in the water.

Cordless Phone

“I already have a cellphone. What do I need a cordless phone for?” Cellphones are too much of a distraction. When watching kids swim, your full, undivided attention is necessary. Your eyes should be on the kids and the water at all times. You can’t afford to get distracted by emails, texting, or phone calls. And just like the rescue hook, put the phone at arm’s reach. If an accident happens, you can seek emergency medical help right away.

Prioritise pool fencing and implement the rest of these safety measures. Work with a glass pool fencing specialist. Also, you can get stylish glass splashbacks at Crystal Glassbuild for your home.

The Importance of Balanced Pool Water

Pool fencing doesn’t have to be boring. Check out samples of pool fencing installation by Crystal Glassbuild and you’ll realize that style and function could be seamlessly combined in pool fences. Crystal Glassbuild – A Reputed Pool Fencing Provider knows how to match any home’s architecture. Instead of standing out, their pool fencing blends with your home’s look and feel.

However, installing fences is just the first step in residential pool safety and maintenance. There’s also the crucial issue of water balance.

Here are several reasons why maintaining water balance is necessary:

Cleanliness and Safety

Whether you have a saltwater-based pool or not, it’s crucial to keep the pH level of the water correct. Because when it’s not, the water sanitiser won’t be able to eliminate germs and bacteria as thoroughly as it should.

Can you imagine what would happen to your children’s young, sensitive skin? Instead of happy splashing and sloshing, they’ll be itching all over. So, learn how to maintain the correct pH level to avoid skin irritations.


Aside from our skin, our eyes make a lot of contact with the pool water during swimming. If the water is unbalanced it could sting your eyes, leaving you with red, bloodshot eyeballs. To avoid that, pool water should neither be too acidic nor basic. Do your best to ensure its pH level stays in the middle of the spectrum.

Prevent Corrosion

Believe it or not, unbalanced water can corrode or at least, hasten the corrosion of ladders, the liner, handrail, and even the pool pump. And these pool fixtures and equipment aren’t cheap to replace. So, maintain water balance to avoid costly repairs and replacement.

Water Balance Factors

To make sure your pool water stays balanced, here are the factors you should keep in check:

Alkalinity and pH

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14, zero as the most acidic and 14 as the most basic or alkaline. As mentioned earlier, pool water shouldn’t be too acidic or alkaline. Ideally, it should have a pH of 7, but values ranging from 7.2 to 7.6 are acceptable.

Calcium Hardness

300 ppm (part per million) is the ideal calcium hardness value for pool water. If it’s too high the water will turn cloudy and if it’s too low it will wear down the plaster. Just like the pH level, it’s important to maintain the right value of calcium hardness.

Chlorine and Stabiliser

To maintain the correct chlorine levels as long as possible, use a stabiliser to extend the life of chlorine compounds in the water. That way, you can lower the amount of chlorine you need to keep your water balanced.

Modern Glass Fencing Products


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Modern Glass Fencing Products

Nowadays, homeowners realize that modern home and pool improvements can raise the property values of real estate and homes.They understand the advantages of aesthetics and design. They can highly appreciate why glass is one of the latest and smartestinstallations in homes and pools.Check out the trendiest among modern glass fencing products that you can install to set your homeapart from the ordinary.

Frameless Glass Fencing

Pool fencing made of frameless glass offers the best view of the pool and the areas around it. With an unobstructed view, you can keep an eagle eye on the pool even at a distance.You can see who is swimming;monitor what is happening; or watch a pool game without getting wet. Anchored and secured by permanent bolts and hardware, frameless glass acts as an effective barrier to ensure pool safety. Sturdy and customizable, frameless glass fencing are also easy to clean and maintain, adding years to its life and use.

Semi-Frameless Glass Fencing

Pool specialists and pool owners combine the use of glass and steel to create a semi-frameless glass pool fencing. Semi-frameless glass fencing offers flexibility in design and creates a strong barrier against unwanted entry into the pool area. It makes for a great addition to elegantly designed swimming pools without detracting from its style or theme.

Glass Balustrades

Commonly used in decks, glass balustrades are also elegant additions to stairways. It stays in place and is fastened by hardware that is resistant to rust and oxidation from outside elements.Glass balustrades provide security by keeping little ones safe from accidentally falling over. Glass offers a clear view of what is below without them struggling or climbing over the rails.

Glass Splashbacks

Splashbacks are all the rage in the past year due to its versatility in design, application, and durability. Beautiful glass splashbacks adorn and protect many kitchen walls from heat, dirt, and grease that can severely damage ordinary surfaces. Its smooth surface and finishes are appealing to many households and homeowners because of its quick and easy maintenance.

Though required by law, pool fencing does not have to be dull, drab, or dreary. Think outside of the box and go for something exciting, architectural and more of an artwork. Opt for sleekness and elegance with frameless & semi-frameless pool fencing by Crystal Glassbuild even as you prioritise safety around pools. Choose also to secureyour home with style and buy quality glass balustrades from Crystal Glassbuild.

Benefits of Using Glass Splashbacks

Contemporary times have called for many home improvements and moderninstallations. The use of splashbacks in homes has become one of the latest trends in today’s residences.Though splashbacks are available in LED, aluminium, and acrylic, splashbacks made of glass offer theseattractive and exciting benefits for your home.

Design Options. Imagineit, and it will be. Extremely customisable, glass splashbacks come in infinite colours,designs, finishes and measurements. By itself, a glass splashback is elegant, stylish, and sleek looking. Inject creativity into the design and match them with your home theme and décor for a more stunning look. Work with a variety of finishes to add sophistication and flair. Choose your favourite colour to add warmth or a more personal feel. Glass splashbacks can be measured, and cut to size before installation, assuring a perfect fit in everykitchen, home or office.

Easy Maintenance.For homemakers, the easy clean-up brought by glass splashbacks is perhaps the most appealing advantage. Most busy households can certainly appreciate the minutes saved by effortless cleaning with just a quick spray and a few wipes.

Durability.Hard-wearing and long-lasting, the installation of glass splashbacks usually comes with warranties. The materials used reflect quality that is backed by years of guarantee. Four to five times stronger than ordinary glass, glass splashbacks undergo a toughening process that makes it resistant to fire and heat. Strong and tough, surfaces are also scratch-resistant and not prone to fading or discolouration.

Hygienic.Dust, moulds, oils, food and other tiny particles can easily fall into cracks and get stuck in corners.Compared to tiles, splashbacks made of glass are more sanitary because grout lines are eliminated. The seamless and smooth finish of glass splashbacks makes for easy kitchen clean-up and counters are kept germ-free.

UnlimitedApplications.Kitchens, bars, and restaurants typically use glass splashbacks because of its highly appealing benefits. Glass splashbacks are also the perfect choice for wet areas like in bathrooms, laundry, showers, and pools. Creative new applications also include its use in elevators, furniture, table tops and benches, cabinet doors and many others. As walls in offices, it can also double as whiteboards.

The castle where you reside only deserves the best because your home is your sanctuary. Purchase only quality glass splashbacks at Crystal Glassbuild for your place. For your pool needs, you can alsocheck out a variety of modern pool fencing products at Crystal Glassbuild.